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A state of health is our ‘Natural State’ — We are supposed to be healthy, vibrant, and bursting with energy – It is just natural – that is, if we live naturally.

In our natural and wholesome state, we are fully capable of maintaining the optimum level of energy, mental equilibrium, and health to enjoy a happy and joyous life – Health and happiness, in fact, are inherent to our very existence.

Disease and lack of energy is the result of living in an un-natural environment that persistently assaults our defensive and recuperative system, rendering us vulnerable to ailments and sickness.

We believe that by adopting a natural lifestyle any one can enjoy a Healthy and Vibrant Life – free of ailments and diseases. And, if the help is needed, nature has all the remedies to help us recover from the onslaught of diseases – without any ‘side effects’.

It is up to us to find out the natural and healthy options and make wise and educated decisions.

The objective of the LifeVibrant is to give you the Information and Knowledge to help you make educated decisions about the health and wellbeing of yourself – and your family.

Remember, your health is your responsibility – It is not the property of the Multi-Trillion dollar Healthcare (sic) Industry.

About The Life Vibrant

The Life Vibrant is the work of Parwaiz Khan, the Editor of the website – Well into his Third Quadrant; superbly fit, active, and healthy, he has been studying and researching herbal and natural remedies, nutritional foods and healthy cooking, workouts for fitness and flexibility, and meditation for decades.

Parwaiz Khan

Well, if I can be fit and healthy, so can you – So can anyone on this planet. My humble beginning, I trust, will be a source of inspiration to you, my respected readers.

I had quite an amazing childhood: I grew up undernourished, and on plenty of hydrogenated oils to clog the arteries and the entire cardiovascular system!

There was not a disease – from malaria and typhoid to pneumonia, that didn’t come to say hello to me, and stayed with me as long as it could.

At the young age – in my teen years, I used to get stabbing chest pains and palpitations. I recall myself being always exhausted and lacking energy to enjoy the normal youthful activities. My shin bones used to hurt and joints used to crack with the deliberate ‘effort’ of brisk walking. My gums were receding and the teeth were getting lose.

The living embodiment of Health and Vigor was I – No!

But, the resulting sedentary lifestyle had its own perks, though!

I had become addicted to books – in particular books on the subject of health and medical science. As the manuscripts and books of my maternal uncle, who was a proficient herbalist, were transferred to our home upon his death, I got myself immersed into that ocean of knowledge – it was a new world. It changed my perspective about the life – and about myself, completely.

I incorporated that knowledge, wisdom, and understanding into my own life – In my twenties, I had transformed myself into quite a healthy, athletic, and well composed person – thanks in large part to my indulgence into meditation.

Over the next few decades, as my career took me all over the globe, I learned a lot more about the medicinal herbs, natural remedies, and the healing practices of people from various lands – for that I am thankful to so many wise and kind people who taught me a lot.

I have shared my knowledge and understanding – both in person and through writings, with a large number of people from all swaths of life – It gives me utmost satisfaction that I have been instrumental in helping people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and learn to take charge of their own health – naturally, instead of inflicting injuries upon themselves, and becoming the property of the ‘Health Care Industry’.

Now, to debunk the theory that your health is ‘genetically’ defined, and there is not much that one can do to retain or regain a state of robust health, let me ask you to read again my background and reconsider my case – you can call it the ‘worst case scenario’ if you so wish!

In my mid-sixties, I maintain a superbly energetic, flexible, lean, and strong body, and a sharp brain – for the record,thought, I do teach Math (calculus) and Physics. My internal organs are in superb shape – my resting heart-beat – a sign of heart’s health and its muscular strength, is still under 55 beats per minute. I can endure strenuous bouts of workouts and long hours of hiking. My Diastolic Blood Pressure is under 65, and Systolic Pressure remains in the 85-90 range.

For the last four decades, I never have a need to see a doctor or medical practitioner – Though, I have an unusually large number of doctors, researchers, and medical professionals in my close circle.

I am sure you will agree that it is quite a feat – once you take into account my disastrous physical condition during my early years.

A Healthy and Vibrant Lifestyle is just a matter of choice – you just need to decide to live healthy. You just need to take charge, and assume the responsibility for your health – and the health of your family.

Remember, Knowledge is Power – Learn, Analyze, Think, and make the right decision – it is your life.

In Health and Peace – towards a Vibrant and Joyous Life.


☘ ☘ ☘ ☘ ☘


Information Organization:

Information presented on the Life Vibrant is the result of decades of work and research. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information by cross-checking and cross-referencing from various sources – all authoritative and authentic in their own respective fields. Personal research, experience, and knowledge has also contributed to a lot of the information presented here.

[Note: The Life Vibrant is in the process of being continuously populated, updated, and added as we move forward with editing and modifying the information and essays – some from our previous website and some from the paper format.]

The information has been organized for the ease of use under the following Categories:

Medicinal Herbs:

Contains detailed information on all the major herbs and botanicals; Geographic and Historic background, Herbal Monographs, Usage, Contraindication, and Side Effects – if any.

Minerals and Nutrients:

This section incorporates information about the minerals, and their role in maintaining cellular chemistry, neural signal transmission, and the physical and mental health.

Information about the healthy, safe, and nutritious food is also found here.

Natural Remedies:

The focus here is on presenting the disease specific information – providing the herbal and natural remedies to manage and ward off the diseases and ailments.

Life Style:

Under this category we have put together the philosophy, methodology, and the system to maintain and enjoy a healthy and vibrant life – all your life. Topic covered here include physical and mental workouts.

Research and News:

Here you will find the breakthrough research, information, and analytical essays on the entire spectrum of health and healthcare industry.

Some of the information will be accessible exclusively via links to external sources.

Smart Cooking:

Smart Cooking is about preparing and cooking the most nutritious, healthy, and delicious food – Fast and Easy. It is cooking for the non-cooks like you and me – refined over the years of cooking nutritious food for my family and friends.


It is this same page that you are reading now – Thank you.


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